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Genealogy is something that often captures the attention of most people at some point in their life, with many wanting to study their lineage in order to find just what the history of their family might be. The process of genealogy uses the techniques such as personal interviews, documentation and genetic information to find out the pedigree of the family lineage and all those involved. With many different websites on the market to help you do this, it is now easier than ever! Without further ado, we are going to look at what genealogy is and the benefits of this when discovering your family lineage.
What is Genealogy?
Genealogy is the study of a family’s lineage through the use of interviews, documentation and DNA testing. This allows you to effectively trace back the line of a family and date it back as far as may be recorded. This is therefore giving you the opportunity to find out more about yourself and the bloodline that you come from as well as uncovering relatives that you didn’t know you had from all around the world.
Genealogy was used throughout history, mostly by nobles and rulers to determine the legitimacy to the claims for estates, wealth and power. The lineage of these rulers and nobles would be drawn up in order to ensure that all people within the estate had a solid claim and were next in line. This therefore ensured that if commoners tried to dispute the legitimacy of anyone within the house the document could be presented.
However, in modern times this is not the case. Due to ongoing innovations in technology, genealogy has become much more accessible as another form of establishing family trees and overall family history. With many sites on the internet allowing you to easily begin your search, it is now easier than ever to access accurate information and put together the lineage of a family. DNA testing kits are easily accessible and reasonably priced.
This level of accessibility has helped to escalate overall interest in this topic as a whole, because it is something that can be done in your own time in order to benefit yourself and develop your understanding of the lineage and your overall family. A modern example of lineage is within the royal family with a lineage drawn up through multiple generations showing each person’s relation to one another throughout history, as well as their legitimacy to the throne.
The Benefits Of Using A Genealogy DNA Test
A Genealogical DNA test focuses on your specific genomes in order to trace them back through ethnicity and genealogical relationships. This therefore is slightly different to an ancestry DNA test because it will enable you to locate the specific ethnicity in which your genome is located and trace that back to your overall lineage. This ethnicity element is beneficial because it allows you to track where your lineage originated and then follow the migration of each line of your family tree to different parts of the world.
DNA testing also enables you to directly track bloodlines in order to get the most accurate results. This is beneficial when discovering the genealogy of your family as it will not only show you the ethnicity of your lineage but also people who are registered with the same information. This therefore gives you access to information that you cannot get through simple documentation, although it does give you leads to go off in order to use the documentation effectively. Therefore, genealogy is the quickest and most effective tool to getting accurate result.
Another benefit of genealogical DNA testing is that it can be undertaken by anyone. This therefore adds an interactive element. If more than one member of your family undertakes genealogical testing it can widen the search results and allow more tailored results when the lineage is being put together. With multiple leads to follow from different members of the family the results can only be strengthened and therefore broadens the outreach of your specific results.
Another benefit of genealogical DNA testing is that it can show you more than just who you are related too, because it is based of genomes, it allows you to track down the ethnicity of the genome and gives you more opportunity to learn about the possible migration paths of each of your family members. This information will the correspond with the percentages you receive within your results. For example, if you are 15% British and 35% Irish, you can then follow the migration path of your ancestors and try to pinpoint where each specific percentage is likely to have come from. This therefore makes the process of finding family members much more interesting and develop the understanding of the results that you have.
As the technology around this topic develops, it is only a matter of time until we will be using this to trace back thousands of years to find distant relatives, also the possibility for a home genealogy kit could follow suit and become a strong competitor to ancestry. With both genealogy and ancestry working together the possibility of successfully finding your lineage and where you come from is now easier than ever.
As the popularity for home DNA services expands the possibilities of what they could achieve is endless, they could soon tell you any potential illnesses you could inherit, or pinpoint the exact location of family members and give you advice on how to contact them, therefore not only finding you your family lineage but also connecting you to them, which is ideal for anyone who has lost contact with family members over time and wishes to be put back in contact with them. Therefore, this service really is priceless.