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Ancestry is something that spikes everyone’s curiosity at some point in their lives. After all, everyone wants to know where their ancestors come from! With the use of Ancestry you can not only trace back your family tree using an extensive archive of information, but you can also find out your heritage and discover where in the world your DNA stems from. The combination of both services allows anyone who wants the opportunity to find out more about themselves and the heritage they have to do so, making it a great solution for many! With information collected from census and electoral roles, finding relatives is easier than ever, making it fun and enjoyable to find ancestors and family members alike that you never knew existed. Ancestry, however, is slowly evolving from just basic family tree and transitioning into something much, much bigger. DNA is being used to accurately determine what makes you unique.
Here, we are going to look out how an ancestry DNA service will benefit you when trying to put together your family tree, and how you can gain more insight into your individual traits such as hair and eye colour and body type, giving you a clear indication of where different generations of your family originated and how it all links to you.
What Is Ancestry DNA Service?
Ancestry DNA service is an effective way of accurately pinpointing where in the world different elements of your heritage originates from. It is reported that on average only 36% of a British person’s heritage is British, making identifying your heritage even more exciting. With several different DNA services available to choose from on the market, it is more straightforward than ever to receive results and further understand your ancestry, but how does it work?
Depending on which kit you purchase, you will be required to collect your genetic material, either through a cotton swab or a tube. This is then sent off to a laboratory by post for testing, before the results are processed and sent back to you. Services such as 23 and Me are not just ancestry services, but are also a health kit. The processed results not only tell you the origins of your ancestry, but also the likelihood of developing any harmful illnesses as part of your results. On the other hand, market leader Ancestry DNA services provide users with the origins of their heritage, as well as full access to a database of 6 million people who may share similar DNA structure. Users can also enter a number of back catalogues of consensus and electoral roles to help construct their family tree.
The Benefits Of Using An Ancestry DNA Service
There are several benefits of using an ancestry DNA services, including that it will help you better understand how traits such as your hair colour and body time have been determined by your heritage. With different body types and various personal traits being native to different parts of the world, this enables you to truly understand your background. In addition, another benefit to using a DNA service is that it can help you trace relatives back through history by using surnames and existing DNA matches.
This increases the odds of finding family members and allows you to gain the most out of the experience. With the potential to connect relatives from all over the world, DNA will increase the odds of finding a match and developing your family tree extensively. You can also trace back your ancestry to the earliest recorded blood line, meaning that the results are much more accurate and tailored especially to your specific DNA line.
Another benefit of a DNA service is that it can be given to a loved one as a gift. This is a benefit because you can encourage family and friends to deepen their knowledge of where they came from and enlist family members to help expand your own knowledge of the family tree. This adds an interactive element to the process, and as the data base expands, you will be presented with even more matches.
With the exploration of DNA available to the public in its fundamental stages, it is only a matter of time before DNA services such as 23 and Me are able to diagnose or even prevent various harmful diseases before they develop into a bigger issue.
Overall the benefits that DNA services are having on the overall concept of ancestry are unprecedented. As interest grows, it is only a matter of time before it changes the way people track their ancestry completely, allowing them to discover new relatives quickly, and build their family tree. With ancestry capturing the attention of more people, the room for growth within this sector is limitless.